5 Things I Didn’t Know About Getting Engaged

We’re engaged! Now what? It’s been two months after the proposal. After almost a decade of being together, I still can’t believe that it is finally happening! And let me just say that this is the best thing that ever happened to me this year. The proposal may not be like the way I dreamt it would be but hey, I’m marrying the man that I love and will soon spend our whole lifetime together, so it doesn’t matter to me anymore. What’s next after getting engaged? Among all the excitement, butterflies, congratulations, there are these things that I didn’t know about getting engaged.

We got engaged last July 15, 2018

1. Planning the wedding

One word, OVERWHELMING. Before I thought planning my own wedding would be easy since I’ve been doing it on Pinterest for years but now that it is actually happening, I didn’t know that it would be so overwhelming. Looking for suppliers, choosing a date, making a guest list, there’s just a lot of decisions that I have to make, well together with my fiancé, and I just didn’t know how to handle it. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system who are so willing to help us with anything and everything – from planning to executing. You know who you are and we’re so blessed to have all of you!

2. The Guestlist

Speaking of the guest list, this is actually the not so fun part of getting married. I know that a lot of people are so happy for us getting engaged but another thing I didn’t know and didn’t expect was those people who invite themselves to the wedding. I understand how excited they are for us but we just can’t have every single person be part of our wedding day. We are actually planning on having a very intimate wedding, having only our family, relatives, and closet friends around. So yeah, talk about awkward.

3. Choosing the wedding date

Another not so fun part of getting engaged is planning the wedding date. I didn’t know that it would be so hard to pick a date because you had to consider a lot of things like the availability of your family, the venue, and the officiant. Plus, people would be asking you from time to time when is the wedding.

4. Adjusting to a new life

After getting engaged, I suddenly had to adjust to the new chapter of my adulting life. I used to spend a lot on clothes that I randomly use. Now, I spend more time looking at and buying furniture and appliances for our new home. I didn’t know that getting engaged will make a great change in my life. From being a happy go lucky adult, I am suddenly turning into a responsible one, making priorities and wiser decisions in life.

5. The feels

The last thing I didn’t know about getting engaged is the mixed emotions along the journey to our wedding day. The first few weeks of getting engaged were blissful. The proposal was not like those in the movies but for me, it was the best feeling in the world. I remember tearing up a bit that moment and endless smiling afterward and even whenever I look at my ring. The next months somehow became a bit stressful and frustrating, but hey nothing worth having comes easy. Besides, I’m just feeling all the feels. I can only imagine how I’m going to feel on our wedding day itself which is, by the way, a surprise.

One of my favorite photos from our DIY shoot with our great photographer/friend, Aleli Manantan of
So yeah, these are the things I didn’t know about getting engaged. But of course, there are more things that I will learn and experience in the coming months. I’m actually thinking of putting a Wedding category to share my wedding journey.

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