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3 Reasons Why Gift Certificates Are The Best Gift Idea

All I want for Christmas is a gift certificate

It’s the time of the year where I always hear the voice of the famous Jose Mari Chan. It reminds me that my birthday and Christmas are just around the corner. And what’s more exciting than giving and receiving gifts! I totally love receiving gifts.
I can still remember how ecstatic I am back then whenever it’s time for gift giving at our family reunion during Christmas. I love seeing what my aunts, uncles, ninongs, and ninangs have for me every Christmas. Although there were times when I quite felt bad about what I got. It’s either something I don’t use or something I just really don’t like.

Fast forward today, I’m still ecstatic on receiving gifts. Whenever I attend events, I either receive a product as a token or a gift certificate. And if I were to choose which one would I like to receive the most, I would choose gift certificates. I love gift certificates! Who doesn’t? For me, it’s the best gift idea! Let me give you three reasons why.

1. You let the recipient choose what they want.

Come to think of it, do you want to receive something that you can’t use or something you do not like? Of course not, right? We often send gifts like clothes that don’t fit our recipient’s size, style, or preferences.

With gift certificates, you let the recipient choose the gift that they want. You are giving them the freedom to buy the gift that they wanted to have or need. Especially this Christmas season, a gift certificate is the best Christmas gift idea because it fit for all ages and even other occasions (like wedding!!) with so many uses!

2. It can be used at several merchants nationwide.

Gift certificates are as good as cash. Sodexo gift certificate is one of the known gift certificates in the country that can be used at several merchants nationwide including SM Supermalls. I got to use mine for grocery, shopping, and even watching movies! I’m even thinking of adding it to our wedding gift guide because we can use the gift certificates to buy appliances and other stuff.

gift certificates

3. No more hassle!

Forget about gift wrapping and Christmas traffic. You can just order the gift certificate online at  and have it delivered at your doorstep or to your recipient. No need to spend time going to the malls, looking for something to buy for hours, and line up for another hour.

GC Regalo is an online gift certificate store owned by Sodexo and SM. They aim to provide easy, fast, flexible and reliable gifting experience for your family, friends, loved ones, employees, and to anyone else in the Philippines in just a click away.
Surprise your loved one this Christmas with the best gift they could ever ask for. Also for our wedding guests, I would like to announce that we are accepting gift certificates. Happy gifting!

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