An Open Letter To My 20-Year Old Shopaholic Self

To my 20-year old shopaholic self,
Forget about what Rebecca Bloomwood said about shopping. Yes, it can make your world better but not for a long time. You’ll just end up drowning in debt and have no savings if you keep on being irresponsible on your spendings. You will soon start on your first job, remember to make wise decisions. Save a portion of your paycheck. Open a bank account for your savings and don’t spend it unless in case of emergency. You will be surprised of how much you could actually earn if you just become responsible on managing your money.
Soon you will also have your own credit card which can be overwhelming. Most of the time it could tempt you to spend on the things that you don’t actually need. Credit cards should not be meant for shopping or for spending on unnecessary things. Only use it for emergency and necessary things. Remember that it has charges and interests if you won’t be able to pay it. You might end up drowning in debt if you overspend, so use it wisely.
The world can be cruel sometimes, don’t please the world just to be part of it. Don’t do the same mistakes that I did. Be responsible. Learn how to save and use your money wisely. Invest in great things like insurance, a house, or purchase stocks. Start your own business if you can. Use your extra bucks on better things rather than shopping. Traveling is good, but it is better if you have money whenever you travel. It is better that you don’t worry about anything but rather enjoy what you’ve earned. It is very important that you will be financially responsible today for you will reap it in the future, you and your future family. Remember, prioritize your needs before your wants. Save and invest. I know you could make it. Just be responsible.

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