3 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates

I haven’t done any workouts for quite some time now. My sister dragged me out of the house last week and invited me to join a pilates session at Mindful Studio in BGC. The studio is currently celebrating their 5th anniversary and is having special classes wherein they are giving away gifts and raffle prizes after every session.
It was my first time to try pilates and I must say that I pretty much like it. Here are the reasons why you should try pilates too.

1. Easier workout

Although the treadmill is easy, I find pilates even easier because I won’t be needing any types of equipment to do it but rather some exercises that involve the whole body plus the floor. Pilates aims to develop a strong core or the center of your body which consists of your abdominal muscles and those closest in your spine. You can start with beginner moves like pelvic curl and single leg stretch. This workout is also recommended for pregnant women, but of course only the prescribed exercises.

2. Lots of benefits

Aside from toning your core, Pilates has other benefits. This workout can help improve your posture and balance. It is even used as an exercise when recovering from injuries. Pilates can also help prevent and treat your back pain since it promotes body flexibility. This is also a great mind-body workout as long as you emphasize proper breathing. Other benefits are correcting spinal and pelvic alignment, muscle elasticity, joint mobility, and even weight loss, although it is not its major target. Despite all of these benefits, according to my research, pilates is not recommended for people who have:
  • Unstable (labile) blood pressure
  • A risk of blood clots
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • A herniated disk





3. You can do it anywhere

With pilates, all you need is a yoga mat to do the workout. You may also opt to use a resistance band, like Sanctband Active for a better workout experience. You don’t actually need to go to the gym or studio to do it unless you want to do it with someone else or with an instructor to help you. You don’t need big types of equipment or large area to do it. Just like yoga, you can basically do it anywhere unlike other workouts.

Pilates vs Yoga

So what is the difference between yoga and pilates? I personally don’t have any idea because I haven’t tried yoga before. But according to my research, yoga is more about relaxation and flexibility while Pilates is more of toning your core parts. They are different from each other but are complementary and produce the same results. Plus, they both only need a yoga mat to do the workout.
There are a lot of reasons why you should try Pilates and these are just my top three reasons based on my own experience. If you’re looking for a pilates class to join at, check out Mindful Movement Asia Pilates studio in BGC.

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