The Struggle of Job Hunting & How I Deal With It

Nothing lasts forever. That’s one of the things I learned in adulthood after I lose my first home-based job in 2017. You will never know when your client or remote employer will let go of you. It’s one of the most stressful situations in my life — losing that one thing which has been part of your everyday routine. And yes, it happened to me again in the last quarter of 2019, not once but twice.

A life of ‘What-Ifs’

In the past weeks of 2020, I’ve been having a lot of what-ifs in my mind. What if I didn’t leave my first corporate job? What if there’s no remote opportunity available for me anymore? I’ve been struggling in finding a new job — both home-based and corporate —  the past months and I can’t help but feel bad about it.

Going back to the corporate world

After more than a year of being a digital nomad, I finally once again decided to go back to the corporate world for one reason: Priorities. Since my husband and I are about to start a business and are also planning to have a baby this year, we need to prepare our finances. And without having a stable work — since the remote job doesn’t always end well — I need to go back to the corporate world to help my husband on our finances.

Dealing with job hunting

I did my second job interview today, January 30, via phone call. As usual, the conversation ended with “We will contact you if you are qualified for the role.” Quite disappointing, yes. It’s a corporate job by the way. I do like the company, plus the compensation and the location. But just like what I always tell myself after every interview, if that job is meant for me, then it will be. If it’s not, then I gotta find another one.

Quick Advice

In case you’re an employed individual that is planning to quit your job, I just want to remind you of your reason why you applied to that job of yours. If the only reason why you are planning to quit is that you think you can’t handle the job anymore, think again. Think about the thousands of jobless people who are struggling to find a job and yet there you are, enjoying the perks of being an employed individual.

Newest Job Portal in the Philippines

I found this new job portal last year where they not only help companies find the right candidate but also help those applicants to be ready for their dream career. Workbank is an online platform that puts people first using the right tools of self-improvement and preparedness. They put an ease on the nerve-wracking job hunt by giving you resources to prepare you for your interview. This includes free training as well as exclusive perks like discounts on Grab and Zalora. They also have an e-card that lets you access those perks. Workbank truly invests in applicants to give them a one-of-a-kind job hunting experience.
workbank website
How about you? What’s your job hunting story and how you deal with it?

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