These Waterproof Eyebrow Products Are Your Ultimate Summer Essentials

Have a wunderful kilay this summer with Wunder2.

Ladies! Eyebrows are very crucial on our overall look. It can make or break us so don’t let the summer heat ruin your brows. But fret not! I found a solution to keep it on fleek all day. Recently, Wunder2, an international cosmetics brand based in London, landed in the Philippines giving every Filipina a chance to enjoy the “wunderbrow” experience.
UK’s beauty cult favorite since 2016, Wunder2’s premier eyebrow line,WunderBrow, is formulated to resolve every girls’ brow dilemma, giving us a smudge-proof and waterproof eyebrows that lasts for days. Wunder2 eyebrow line has two main products – WunderBrow Gel and WunderBrow D-FINE Brow Liner and Gel, which are both designed to achieve perfect brows under 2 minutes. Yes, under 2 minutes! And it’s all because of the Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex which contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair, making that perfect brow in less than two minutes that will last for days.
The topnotch WunderBrow gel comes in five different shades perfect for every skin tone:
  • Blonde – this is the lightest shade and is perfect for most blondes.
  • Auburn – this shade is perfect for redheads
  • Brunette – if you have fair skin and has light to dark brown hair color like me, this shade is for you.
  • Black/Brown – perfect for those who have fair to medium skin tone and dark brown to soft black hair color. This is the most preferred shade by every Filipina.
  • Jet Black – the darkest shade among the rest, this is perfect for those who has strong black hair color.
The other premium Wunder2 eyebrow product, Wunder2 D-FINE Brow Liner & Gel, is a dual-product solution that defines and shapes eyebrows. The double-ended product has a special angled liner which allows to create a precise and ultra-fine strokes that almost mimic the look of an actual brow hair. The other end is a tinted brow gel that helps sculpt and set that perfect brows in under 2 minutes. Wunder2 D-FINE Brow Liner & Gel comes in three shades: Blonde, Brunette, and Black/Brown.
These two products are your ultimate summer essentials giving you a wunderful, long-lasting brows all-day. In case you’re wondering, it only takes special cleansers to remove the products on your brows. You may opt to use WunderCleanse which can remove the products in just one easy swipe. You may also use any oil-based cleansers to remove it. For more precise eyebrows, you may use the popular Wunder2 Dual Precision Brush to apply the products.
Wunder2 is currently available in Zalora Philippines and Beauty MNL. For latest updates and promotions, visit www.wunder2ph.com. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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